Borsight is uniquely qualified to deliver outstanding results for operators of military, security force, and government agency aircraft. We focus on creating smart business relationships that maximize the useful life of legacy aircraft through upgraded technology with ready solutions of end-to-end design and integration.



As the NGB/A5R C-130H Real Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC) Full Rate Production and Tactical Airlift Mission Software Suite (TAMSS) prime contractor, Borsight produces hundreds of RTIC kits to modify entire AFRC and ANG fleet of C-130H aircraft. The new RTIC/TAMSS suite enhances situational awareness, improves communications capabilities, and enhances airborne gateway options for the Theater Commanders. 



Borsight is the prime contractor to Air National Guard (NGB) for Real Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC) installations on ten ANG and National Science Foundation (NSF) aircraft. These LC-130 aircraft will also receive an enhanced Tactical Airlift Mission Software Suite (TAMSS) capability. Borsight’s upgraded version of TAMSS provides additional operational readiness specific to the ANG and NSF Antarctic mission.



As a subcontractor to Rockwell Collins, Borsight has been selected by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to advance communications capabilities for its KC-135R fleet with the implementation of a Real Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC) system. This marks the first time that this solution with Link 16 communications will be permanently integrated on legacy tanker aircraft. 


MAF TDL Operational Support

As the Prime Contractor for AFPEO/BM Mobility Air Force Tactical Data Link Operational Support (MAF TDL) Program, Borsight provides Depot Management, OCONUS FSR Operations, and Cybersecurity Management for the Dynamic Re-Tasking Capability and Combat Track II Programs. 


Global Lightning

Borsight provides engineering and operational support to Air Mobility Command and Air Force Research Laboratories as part of the Global Lightning program. As a subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton, Borsight designs, tests, and integrates the Global Secure Airborne Communications Software suite, with its accompanying hardware baseline, into the KC-135 and C-17 platforms to facilitate rapid testing and evaluation of next-generation, high bandwidth datalinks. As the MAF fleet datalink experts, Borsight provides innovative and experienced insights into tactical datalink capabilities for the 21st century HVA airframe.


F-16 ASQ-236 Pylon

Borsight is the Prime Contractor for two programs with Air Force Sustainment Center-Hill. The first consists of assembly for the F-16 ASQ-236 Group B Pylon and Harness Kits. The second is to sustain the F-16 Harnesses, Parts, and Kits IDIQ.

F-16 with Pylons-2.jpg


The HH-60 Avionics Communications Suite Upgrades (ACSU) is a USAF TCTO modification that improves the HH-60 Aircrew’s Situational Awareness using real-time, reliable, and multi-spectrum communication capabilities.  As a Prime contractor to NATO, Borsight produces, manufactures, and installs ACSU modifications in the ANG and USAF Reserve as well as at ACC and AETC locations. 

HH-60 Sunset.jpg

RC-26 Block 25

Working with AECOM as the RC-26 Block 25 avionics modification subcontractor, Borsight performed extensive structural and aeronautical engineering, designed comprehensive technical drawing packages, and made substantial software, hardware, and wiring modification requirements to modernize the Fairchild Metroliner SA227. 


Borsight continues to provide sustainment support to the modified and modernized  RC-26 Intelligence, Surveillance,and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft that are being used to support federal, state, and local law enforcement as well as providing natural disaster assistance.

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